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Amazing Expeditions

von Anita Ganeri
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Artikelnummer: 12433921
Altersempfehlung: 8 bis 10 Jahre

Amazing Expeditions takes readers on a thrilling voyage over oceans, deserts and mountains, through jungles, ice and cities, and even into space. They'll discover 22 extraordinary explorers and learn how their amazing expeditions changed our world."Find out about historic explorers in this new book about journeys that changed the world." - The Week Junior Discover the stories and follow the journeys of more than 20 of the world's most heroic and extraordinary explorers, including Ibn Battuta, Zheng He, Mary Kingsley, Norgay and Hillary, Ellen MacArthur and Neil Armstrong.Throughout history, explorers have bravely ventured out into the unknown to discover new lands, seek treasure, make scientific discoveries or simply achieve something that's never been done before. Amazing Expeditions will take readers on a thrilling voyage over land, sea, sky and space. Some of the journeys were triumphs and others ended in failure and tragedy, but each is a riveting story and a lesson in perseverance and grit that may well inspire a new generation of adventurers.This visual approach is a great way for children to learn about some key explorers from history, and the journeys they took. Explorers will include:Hanno the Navigator (Carthage/Tunisia)Xuangzang (China)Marco Polo (Italy)Ibn Battuta (Morocco)Zheng He (China)Christopher Columbus (Portugal)Vasco de Gama (Portugal)Ferdinand Magellan (Portugal)Hernan Cortes (Spain)James Cook (Britain)Meriwether Lewis and William Clark (USA)David Livingston (Britain/USA)Mary Kingsley (Britain)Robert Peary (USA)Ernest Shackleton (Ireland/Britain)Amelia Earhart (USA)Tenzing (Nepal) and Hillary (NZ)Neil Armstrong (USA)Ellen MacArthur (Britain)"Exactly as the title suggests, Amazing Expeditions highlights some of history's greatest journeys." Picture Books BloggerGaneri, AnitaAnita Ganeri has written many books, including the award-winning Scholastic series Horrible Geography. She lives with her family in West Yorkshire. Anita is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and honorary Fellow of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. In 2010 she was awarded the Tivy Education Medal for her "outstanding contribution to geographical education." Anita would have loved to have been an explorer, and always has a suitcase packed.

  • erschienen 2019 im Verlag QUARTO PUBLISHING GROUP; IVY KIDS
  • ISBN: 9781782407232
  • Einband: Gebunden
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