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The longing of little Orange

von Judith Zacharias-Hellwig
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The little Orange lives happily with its parents, Mom Red and Dad Yellow, until its mother tells it one day that the father will live in another apartment soon because the parents separate.The house changes once the father has moved out. The little Orange misses him so much that it no longer shines orange, but turns red, it is missing Dad Yellow. Only when the mother consoles it and they contemplate together about what might help the child, the little Orange is feeling better.When it is time for the first visiting weekend, the child is enjoying the day with its father, but once it is lying in bed at night, it carries this heavy feeling in its heart once again, it is missing Mom Red. Will he be able to help his child as well?Zacharias-Hellwig, JudithJudith Zacharias-Hellwig, born 1975 in Koblenz/Germany, is married, has two daughters and lives in Westerwald.She is an officially recognized educator, remedial teacher, systemic therapist and family therapist and worked in kindergarten for several years as well as in ambulant child therapy in a social pediatric center.After five years of parental leave, Judith Zacharias-Hellwig works as a freelance systemic therapist and supervisor.

  • erschienen 2020 im Verlag PAPIERFRESSERCHENS MTM-VERLAG
  • ISBN: 9783861969396
  • Einband: Taschenbuch
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